Is McDonalds Halal?


mcdonalds halal

McDonald’s customers In Abu Dhabi were outraged when allegations emerged that McDonald’s used pork in its mayonnaise and other products. The allegations turned out to be nothing but social media rumors though, as health authorities asked the question, is McDonalds halal?

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority discovered that the accusations were false and that McDonald’s food in the Emirates is all halal and free from pork.

“We have checked McDonald’s outlets and tested some samples. We found there is no pork in any product and no foodstuff has been imported by the company from the US recently,” it said in a statement carried by news website Emirates 24/7.

The rumors claimed that McDonald’s products in the emirate, such as the mayonnaise and spices, contained pork because they originated from America. As far as I know the mayonnaise in America doesn’t contain pork either! Anyway, the products in the Emirates actually originate in Egypt, so it’s all nonsense.

Social media can be a great way for secret information to made public and for consumers to get accurate information about products that corporations don’t want them to know. It can also be a place that misinformation can quickly and easily spread. Some customers in the Emirates are still wary of McDonald’s, because they think there might be pork in the Egyptian mayonnaise.

McDonald’s Launch Avocado Burgers

avocado burger

Avocado burger menu

McDonald’s is testing out three new Avocado burgers in Japan. For a limited time only, they are letting Japanese customers try a range of three different McDonald’s burgers which have sliced avocado in them. They get to choose from Avocado beef, Avocado Chicken, or Avocado Prawn (the prawn burger looks like a chicken patty).

All three avocado burgers come in crusty ciabatta rolls instead of the conventional burger baps, making them seem fancy and European. The beef option also comes with bacon, onions, cheddar cheese and wasabi sauce. The chicken and prawn burgers come with spiced cobb salad and cheddar cheese. Each avocado burger costs 399 yen, which is about $3.90 USD.

This seems like a healthier option because of all the greens inside, but actually, avocado is very fatty. It’s probably the fattiest vegetable in the world. This combination of meat, salad and avocado sounds delicious though. I hope to see McDonald’s expanding the avocado burger to other countries soon!

Naked Woman Goes on Rampage in McDonalds


This is the video footage of a crazy naked woman who rampaged through a McDonalds store in Florida, before pausing to enjoy some ice cream. The heavily agitated naked female began screaming at staff and customers in the St. Petersburg restaurant and then jumping into the kitchen and slamming her head down into the counter in a fit of animalistic rage.The hysterical lady then started emptying the fridges, throwing shelves and contents onto the floor before sticking her head beneath the soft serve ice cream dispenser and filling her face full of ice cream. Maybe she was just really hungry? Well done Florida for producing such an impressive specimen.


naked rampage in mcdonalds 4

she stuffs her face with ice cream

naked rampage in mcdonalds 3

Empties the refrigerator

naked rampage in mcdonalds 2

smashes her face on the counter

naked rampage in mcdonalds

Come at me bro


McDonald’s LOLs – Funny pics


We all love a good laugh right? McDonald’s Lols are all over the internet, their mascot is a clown after all! Here are some of my favorites. Check out this guy in Sweden who got a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his arm. Must have been a darned tasty meal for him to want to remember it forever. Crazy Swedes!

mcdonalds lol swedish tattoo

Here’s as animated gif of a lolcat in space with a McDonald’s fries cup on his head. Trippy man. 420.

mcdonalds lol cat

UK readers will find this “tossed fresh all day” badge amusing!mcdonalds lol tossed


Looks like Ronald McDonald went off the rails in the sixties. Darn hippy!

ronald mcdonald

McDonald’s Coffee Shop Future


mcdonalds coffee shop

McDonald’s is undergoing a transformation. For years we have known it for its Big Mac and fries but very soon it will be known as the McDonald’s coffee shop. It will probably end up like a downmarket Starbucks. In order to stay ahead of the game, a multinational food giant like Maccy Dees needs to stay ahead of the game. Changing attitudes to health mean that burgers aren’t going to be the main product for growth in future. But savvy consumers looking for an affordable early morning caffeine fix often go for a McDonald’s coffee.

This new type of McDonald’s coffee drinking customer is more likely to buy a muffin or a pastry than an egg McMuffin. The change in consumer behavior will result in a change in marketing strategy by McDonald’s who will probably aim to provide a more continental breakfast experience in future. They already offer Petite Breakfast Pastries with coffee, which cost $1.29.or $1.99 without a coffee. This price is likely to change as McDonald’s aims to undercut its competitors. The Petite Breakfast Pastries are available in Raspberry and Cinnamon Cream Cheese flavors.

McDonald’s is the current leader in the breakfast market, but it still depends on growth and it wants to expand in breakfast coffee and pastries. This means that it will be competing with Starbucks rather than Burger King. Starbucks is also branching into breakfast, releasing hot breakfasts options in many stores. Say good bye to the Big Mac and hello to more McCafes.

Only 60 cents for Mighty Wings!

Mighty wings from McDonald's

Mighty wings from McDonald’s


McDonald’s recently launched chicken product called Mighty Wings have not been a very popular seller. Now the fast food giant has resorted to a clearance sale to get rid of all the Mighty Wings. They were originally charging $1 a wing, but they have been reduced to only 60 cents each.

It was recently reported that they still have over 10 million wings to sell! That’s a lot of chicken wings! CEO Don Thompson has been forced to admit that the Mighty wings haven’t been as successful as they hoped they would be. He gave a number of reasons to explain why the wings had been a flop.

  1. Too spicy. McDonald’s customers like their food bland.
  2. Boney. They reportedly look like chicken McNuggets with bones.
  3. Expensive. Costing $9.69 for 10. Thompson admitted that the prices were “not the most competitive.” With McDonald’s looking for cheaper options, they generally prefer to buy food items that they already know they like.

This means if you’re a McDonald’s customer with more adventurous tastes you can get a great deal with the heavily discounted Mighty Wings. Sure, you could go to KFC for your wings, but this deal isn’t going to be around forever. Word on the street is that the Mighty wings are pretty darn tasty too. And at only 60 cents each, why it ‘aint no thing but a chicken wing!


Ronald Goes to Nam! – McDonald’s in Vietnam


mcdonalds in vietnam


Years after the USA attempted to napalm the communism out of the ‘nam, the Vietnamese are finally embracing the golden arches. The first ever McDonald’s in Vietnam has been opened. Maccy D’s already operates in more than 100 countries, including 38 in Asia, but as a symbol of Western capitalism, its a new sight in old communist states like Vietnam.

The new restaurant, in the city formally known as Saigon, is being run by the prime minister’s son in law. He had been a burger flipper in the states when he was a kid, having fled there after the war. It has been his ambition to open a Mcdonald’s in Vietnam since he returned to his Motherland a decade ago.

Young people in Vietnam are eager to embrace the trappings of the Western imperialism their forebears fought against. This means that despite economic problems, the Vietnamese are eager to eat some Big Macs, pho sure.

McDonald’s Heinz Split After 40 Years

heinz mcdonalds split

McDonald’s Heinz Split after 40 years, you won’t see these sachets anymore

The McDonald’s Heinz split has come as a shock to consumers but no surprise to those in the industry. Even though McDonald’s have used Heinz tomato ketchup and sauces for 40 years, their business relationship was all about business. Sure Heinz is a trusted brand that reflects well on McDonald’s but when the Heinz company was bought out by the guy who owns Burger King, McDonald’s number 1 rival, they had little choice but to announce a McDonald’s Heinz Split.

Burger King is owned by 3G Capital. In February 2013 Heinz was bought out in a $28 billion takeover by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital. McDonald’s announced that it was to work with Heinz “to ensure a smooth and orderly transition of the McDonald’s restaurant business”

In the USA McDonald’s only uses Heinz ketchup in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis, but Heinz is used in many other branches globally.

McDonald’s Ban Youths from a London Branch After 7pm

McDonald's Ban Youths from this sidcup branch

McDonald’s Ban Youths from this Sidcup branch

McDonald’s has issued an apology after an unfortunate backlash to a ban they imposed on youths after 7 pm at a London branch. There had been “sustained disruption” caused by a group of unruly youths the previous Saturday, so the manager of the branch took urgent action and put up a misspelled sign that read ‘no youths will be serverd [sic] after 7 pm’. This seems like a reasonable measure to take, but it had an undesirable effect because a large proportion of McDonald’s clientele can be identified as “youths”.

Crowds of angry youths gathered around the restaurant in Sidcup just before the curfew began. They also criticised McDonald’s over Twitter, Brad Everitt said: “No youths’ sign seen at McDonald’s in Sidcup. Outrageous! And so is their spelling.”

A local blogger wrote the following tirade:

“I really don’t think McDonald’s should be discriminating against ‘youths’. Not just because a similar sign saying ‘no Asians’ or ‘no gays’ would attract widespread and fierce condemnation but because youths surely represent a major proportion of their custom.”

McDonald’s issued the following apology in response:

“On Saturday evening, the restaurant experienced problems with a group of individuals causing sustained disruption to the restaurant, affecting fellow customers and employees.

As a result the restaurant management took urgent steps to try and prevent repeat anti-social behaviour.

The wording of the initial signage displayed in the restaurant was incorrect and we apologise for any confusion caused. McDonald’s is a family-friendly restaurant that welcomes everyone through its doors.”

McDonald’s ban youths only when they actually misbehave in the branch. There is no blanket ban on young people after seven pm in any McDonald’s branch.